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Torn Away

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Torn Away is an interactive story with a unique blend of adventure games, stealth side-scrollers, and cinematic first-person sequences.

As the fires of World War II rage across Europe, yet another life is ruined when Asya, an ordinary 10-year-old, is torn away from her home. Just like millions of others, she becomes an Ostarbeiter, a common worker in a forced labor camp.  Now through the darkest of times, Asya has to find a glimmer of hope and endure if she ever wants to be free. When an opportunity arises, she runs away, fleeing eastward across Germany and Poland. To her home.

Persevere through the harsh elements of nature, hide and evade soldiers, and look for shelter and food in order to survive. In a war-torn world where violence and terror reign, you have to stay strong. You have to survive without losing what makes us human.

Game Features

  • A game about war with a non-violent protagonist
  • A blend of story-driven adventure gameplay, a side-scroller, and cinematic first-person sequences
  • A unique view on the tragedy of war from a child's perspective
  • Based on children's war diaries
  • A beautiful art style inspired by social realists and French animation
Game Features