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Pirate Chronicles

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Captain! We've heard you can't live without the thrill of adventure. If so, Pirate Chronicles is the perfect game for you! Ready yourself to raise the Jolly Roger and sail the Seven Seas in this addictive time-management game! Find fortune, glory, and true love. Meet new friends and fight vile foes along the way. Build ships, gather trophies, load cannons, and resist the Kraken. Confront the evil pirates of the notorious Black Armada, defeat the king, and save your beloved. Test your time-management skills in more than 40 outstanding levels and 4 challenging mini-games.

Are you brave enough to accept this challenge?

* 40 addictive levels in 4 diverse locations
* New time-management gameplay
* Many treasures and unique pirate artifacts to find
* 12 new exciting levels to beat!
* 5 gorgeous wallpapers for your desktop!

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Pirate Chronicles